Feist Fixie Handmade Custom Black Dunes polished

Feist Fixie Handmade Custom Black Dunes polished

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HANDMADE CUSTOM Feist Fixie / Black Dunes Carbon Fiber scales

USA shipping only for the time being. (Sorry, been having issues w/ international).

CPM154 stainless steel. Heat treat and cryo by me. Hardness on this batch came out at 60.5 - 61.5 Rockwell.

This is the same length and outer profile as the original Feist front flipper. (Not the XL). Cutting edge is 2.75 inch and the total overall is 6.5 inch.

The blade has a Zirblast finish. Scales are Black Dunes carbon fiber and they are fully polished. Stanless steel corby bolts and tube.

Comes with an excellent leather pocket sheath that has a clip. Can be used as a front pocket carry (intended use) or the clip will fit around a belt. Because the leather sheath is symmetrical and the knife is close to symmetrical, you can use the sheath left handed or right handed, pocket or belt. Just turn the sheath and knife to the orientation that works best for you. Leather will start out very tight and stiff before it gets use and breaks in.

It comes with 2 pvc patches. 1: JL patch & 1: Krispy Klean Grinds patch. 

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